Welcome to GJ Designs

Reflecting a lifetime of Global Journeys…

If you are already familiar with our label, you will probably have noticed that Gulliver Jam has been re-named GJ Designs, a new name which pays homage to both our original branding and our tradition of sourcing materials and techniques on our Global Journeys, which are incorporated into our own designs.

As a boutique design house with an emphasis on timeless, trans-seasonal pieces, we create limited edition collections, in collaboration with teams of skilled artisans from around the world. Having embraced the movement offering an alternative to fast fashion, our focus is firmly upon the underpinning principles of social responsibility, sustainability, quality and originality.

With the latest products arriving each month, we continue to update our range in an evolutionary way, offering bestselling products and introducing new complimentary pieces throughout the year.

As a wholesale supplier, we are always delighted to be able to refer retail customers to their most convenient stockist. Please contact us direct, or check out our stockist page https://www.gjdesigns.com.au/page/store-finder/

If you are a retail outlet, please use the Wholesaler Register link if you’d like to apply to become stockist.  

email hq@gjdesigns.com.au

ph. enquiries: 0417 327 374 Ingrid